Less with More

I loved Denis Savard as a player.  He truly was amazing to watch.  However, this year has done nothing to change the perception that not all players have what it takes to be elite coaches. 

The Blackhawks, from the beginning, oversold Trent Yawney and his coaching ability.  He was never able to get his team in Norfolk past the second round of playoffs and yet he was being touted as the coach that would turn this team around.  When key players went down with injuries at the beginning of this season, Yawney did all he could to stop the bleeding.  He knew his bench wasn’t strong, so he tried to prevent damage by playing conservatively.  Maybe not the best idea, but he knew the horses weren’t there. 

Exit Yawney, enter Savard. 

The team showed a new aggressiveness under Savard.  As players started coming off the Disabled List, there was a new optimism.  Unfortunately, after catching the entire league by surprise with their new style of play, teams figured out how to play against the Blackhawks, and the losses have begun piling up.   The gaping holes in the level of talent have become glaringly apparent. 

The Blackhawks can’t use injuries as an excuse.  It’s become clear that Savvy, even with a healthy team, may not have what it takes to coach a team that has been mismanaged from the Front Office.  He has in fact, done less with more than Yawney…

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