Going to the Wolves…

I’m sitting here watching the Blackhawks be outshot by San Jose, 15-1, fifteen minutes through the first period.  Whoops..16-1 in shots.  Blackhawks are losing 2-0. 

I hear people say, I don’t watch the Wolves because the AHL isn’t as good as the NHL.  Excuse me…

First of all, the Blackhawk roster has multiple people that, for all  intents and purposes, are from Norfolk.  They are AHL’ers.  And they’re not AHL veterans, they could very well be playing in Norfolk.

Second, hockey is about competitiveness.  While AHL players will admit that the speed of the NHL is slightly faster, if there is parity in a league, it’s not discernable. 

The Chicago Wolves are competitive and Champions.  They have an organization that wants Championships.  When the Wolves failed to make the playoffs last year, Season Ticket holders received a letter from management apologizing for not making the playoffs.  An apology!!  When was the last time a Blackhawk Season Ticket holder received anything other than a bill from the Wirtzes??

Three championships for the Wolves…I drank from the Turner Cup the night of their first Championship.  Earlier in the post-game celebration (waaaay earlier!) I bumped into an 80 year old man.  He looked at me, my stogie smoldering, and said, “Of all the hockey championships I’ve witnessed in Chicago, this is the sweetest!” How sweet indeed!!! 

Great, competitive hockey at a reasonable cost has been the hallmark of the Wolves.  Please tell me how the Blackhawks meet those criteria.  Right….I didn’t think you could.

I’m coming to the conclusion that those people who refuse to watch the Wolves at best don’t watch hockey, and at worst, don’t know hockey. 

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