Sticks and Stones…

The hockey stick has evolved from a widdled branch to a sophisticated, high-tech, computer designed piece of equipment.

 Only, they break….all the time!  Oh, they’ve gotten better over the last year, but those woven, composite, tubular works of technology shatter at the worst possible moments.

When the defenseman is at the point and he gets the perfect feed for the one-timer…it breaks…

When the draw is won back to the point…it breaks…

When a player charges to the net and gets down on one knee and leans on  his stick, gets the perfect pass…it breaks…

Now really…what advantage is there to a lighter, whippier stick if it breaks at the worst times?

Ask any soldier this question: “If I gave you this gun- it’s light, cool looking, made using the highest technology, and it could mow down the enemy in droves, would you take it?”

The answer is, “Yes!”

Now, tell him the bad news, “It’ll jam every 100 shots.”

“$^#(%$(# if I’m putting my life on the line with that type of #((!$&#!!!”

 The hockey player’s stick is his weapon…it simply cannot jam!! When will stick manufacturers realize this? More importantly, when will players start realizing it and demand better quality?

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3 Comments on “Sticks and Stones…”

    • betweenthepipes Says:

      Thanks for sharing – Great stuff! Would love to see some of this cross over into ice use!

      • it already did salming offer both a twisted stick and a kick-zone hockey stick, both inspired by floorball – by the way all west european hockey exports to america today are raised on this, if not only in school, but often at hockey clubs too… then peter forsberg just got involved with another producer of floorball sticks will be here too, it just takes too much time..;D

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