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Who’s Your Daddy?

January 16, 2008

When speaking about the relationship of NHL teams to AHL teams the term, “Parent Club” is often used.  It struck me that a Parent would never useher child.  Yet that is precisely what the AHL/NHL relationship is-it’s utilitarian.  Even certain AHL rules  (players can only have played professionally for x years, or only x veterans are allowed to dress per game) doesn’t necessarily lend itself to creating the most competitive environment but instead can result in the AHL being a glorified conditioning leaue when it can be so much more. 

But then, maybe the NHL wants the AHL to be a beat down child of a league.  After all, in no other professional sport is the quality of the minor league this close to the major league (if it wasn’t players couldn’t be called up and down on a regular basis). Maybe the NHL is afraid of the AHL, it’s cheaper, decent quality, fun and family friendly….

What do you think??