Who Wouldda Thunk it?

Well, the Blackhawks won again.  Dallas is falling on hard times so it’s not totally unexpected.  The road trip is going to get harder from here on out, especially after Toronto when they swing back to the West Coast.  Nonetheless, they’re playing good hockey.

I’m worried about the kids though.  They’re holding their own, especially Kane, but Toews is carrying a huge responsibility as captain and I think his offense suffers because of it.  Not that I ever expected him to be an offensive juggernaut.   Patrick Sharp has settled down, and Versteeg is benefiting from Kane but who knows how long he’ll be able to keep producing. 

Havlat?  He’s in a world of his own and he plays… sometimes.  He’s on an 80 point pace.  Not bad, but not worth his salary.

Brain Campbell? He’s finally generating some offense but I thought he was over-hyped as well.  The drudgery of the season will tell.

Then there’s the Bulin wall.  He’s showing me what I’ve said all along.  He’s good when he wants to play and he’s got a tendency to feed off positive energy.  If the team goes south, he’s shown historically he can’t carry the team to another level.

But so far they’re firing on all cylinders so I’ll keep my pessimism contained.

What else can I say?

Go Hawks!

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