We Need a New Statistic

As I was watching a particularly lackluster 1-0 loss of the Chicago Wolves to the Grand Rapids Griffins, I began contemplating the need for a statistic that would be a good indicator of how physically and inspired a team is playing.  I know that there already exists the stat for how many hits are made during a game, but that’s static and can be misleading.  It would have been very misleading in the Wolves game and looked as if the Wolves played a spirited game tonight-they didn’t.

Then it hit me like a Boris Valabik check.  The RATE of hits.  Hits per minute.  It’ll show if there are lulls, and how bad those lulls are.  More so it’ll be a great indicator of how much a team is truly in the game and playing with some giddyup.

This could realy look cool in graphical form as the hits per minute would change in a squiggle graph… this could be cool…the possibilities are endless!!


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2 Comments on “We Need a New Statistic”

  1. Deb Kolaras Says:

    While I’m a hockey purest, I would bet the pansies of the world would raise a stink…they already think the game is so violent. A team stat, right? Yeah, that’d be fun.

    • betweenthepipes Says:

      Thanks for stopping by Deb!

      Most definitely a team stat. Hockey is such a great sport in that momentum and energy can make a world of difference. We’ve all seen tremendous comebacks from teams, comebacks sparked by crushing checks (usually multiples in succession) or even fights. I think it would be really cool to be able to look at a graph of this stat (HPM) and see how it changes over time and how the game was changed (or not) due to the aggressive aspect.

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