Three Things That Bug Me About the Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks keep rolling.  They trounced Edmonton tonight 9-2. 

In spite of the great start, there are a couple of things that bug me about this organization.

1. They lead the NHL in attendance which is a good thing, but the Cubs led the league in attendance too.  There is a wonderful exuberance in the air with this team, but it’s not a Stanley Cup team and it doesn’t deserve sellout crowds every night.  But, this doesn’t really surprise me that much because fans have been so starved for a decent Blackhawks team that what they see now seems like filet mignon, when really it’s more like a double whopper with cheese, with fries and a drink.

2. There’s the Winter Classic. AWESOME!

Wrigley Field–BOOO!!

They were so caught up in the marketing of this they forgot they were marketing a hockey game and hockey can’t be watched well in Wrigley field- period! People will say it was a great experience, but that’s what it will be, an experience — the hockey game will play second fiddle.  There are multiple college locations in Chicago that would have been better, but alas, this isn’t about hockey.

3.  I’ve saved the best/worst for last.  Dale Tallon- the GM.

Yes, Dale is a nice guy. Yes, Dale is not a Rhodes Scholar and his poor grammar and sentence structure would drive me nuts when he was a color commentator.  But, Dale Tallon is not a GM.  He is the last of the Old Regime, the quid pro quo world of the Chicago Blackhawks that was only rivaled by Chicago politics. 

Dale is still standing and Hall of Famer, Denis Savard, is gone (which I don’t think he deserved to be coach either but that’s another story).   He’s stumbled into good draft picks and made some terrible signings.  In summary, he looks like he really isn’t sure of what he’s doing.  But now Dale has an opportunity to learn from the best in Scotty Bowman and maybe this will be his saving grace.  

Yet,  there is still that  part of me that sees Dale getting something he didn’t deserve, and getting accolades for something that’s not really his doing.


…there is deeper, darker fear…

He’ll screw up a good thing.

Meanwhile,  the Blackhawks are rolling along …

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