Hockey Players Not Sure What to Wear for Outdoor Hockey?!?

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Yes, the Winter Classic is tomorrow.  I’ll be attending a “winter-classic” bash by my brother’s.  There’s something cool and almost sacred about playing hockey outdoors-I mean, that’s where it all started, right?

Which is perhaps why I’m upset and alittle bewildered by the following statement by Brian Campbell of the Blackhawks appearing here:

“The guys are asking what they should wear and I told them I didn’t wear anything different from what I normally wear and I was fine.  Mostly, it’s a wait-and-see situation. When the snow starts landing on your visor, you adapt and move on.”

So there are guys that don’t know what to wear when they play hockey outside?!?

Didn’t they play hockey outside as kids?  Don’t they play with their kids outside?

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, after all, indoor rinks and leagues are everywhere.

Call me a purist, but all hockey players should be required to skate on a lake or pond at least once a year…

…to remember their roots…

NOTE: The header for this blog is me on a frozen lake, so I, um, know what to wear when playing hockey outside.

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