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When is a Broken Stick a Sign?

January 31, 2009
Broke Multiple Sticks in Loss Tonite

Broke Multiple Sticks in Loss Tonite

Well, the Chicago Wolves dropped a heartbreaker to the Milwaukee Admirals Friday night.

The key goal was a shot that Pavelec saved but then gave up a rebound to the slot which a wide open Kelsey Wilson ripped into an empty net.   Pavelec then responded, furiously breaking his stick over the cross bar.  He then went to the bench, got a stick and broke that one.  Grabbed a third and kept it for the game.

In defense of Pavelec, the shot was low and hard to control. 

Yes, he should have controlled the rebound better.  But, a goalies responsibility is the first shot.  Rebounds are the responsibility of defensemen.  Wilson was WIDE open and not a Wolves player was even close to him when he scored.

Pavelec may have broken the stick because he got down on himself for giving up a rebound on a shot that even the best goalies have a tough time controlling (and he’s one of the best in the AHL!).  I think there was also latent frustration in missed defensive assignments that led to the stick breaking as well.


He got a two minute minor for unsportsmanlike conduct. Not a good thing when you have to come from behind late in the third period.

The game before Brett Sterling got a penalty for mouthing off as well.

Players are starting to take selfish penalties and that’s not a good sign.  There’s a frustration among the players that’s starting to show and when teammates get frustrated with the team-that’s not good.

I think Coach Granato is back on YELLOW ALERT.

The Artist Behind The Masks

January 22, 2009

Through the wonders of Twitter I met David Hutchison, the starter of In Goal Magazine, an on-line hockey journal. Please check it out- great stuff there.

He’s got a podcast interview with Todd Miska, the designer of many a goalie mask.  It’s also an insightful interview and worth a listen.

My DIY decorated mask? I’ll share that pic sometime soon-stay tuned 🙂

Incentive Proposal for the NHL and AHL

January 17, 2009

While speaking with an usher at the completion of the Wolves game  tonight, we hit on something that personally, I kind of like!

“Since it seems so many NHL teams are made up of so many AHL’ers, how about if the Wolves win the Calder Cup again this year they go up to the NHL?” he said as people passed him by heading for the exits.

I paused and responded:

“And whoever has the worst record in the NHL moves into the AHL the following year!”

No we’re on to something.  Worst NHL team goes AHL, and best AHL goes NHL.

 The kicker would be if John Anderson and the Thrashers finished worst in the league. 

What a kick in the head that would be!

What do you think of this idea??

Wolves Finally Make a Meal of IceHogs in Rockford

January 16, 2009
Wolves beat Rockford 3-2 (Click for Game Recap)

Wolves beat Rockford 3-2 (Click Pic for Game Recap)

How to Dress For Outdoor Hockey

January 15, 2009


This is the Way Hockey Was Meant to be Played

This is the Way Hockey Was Meant to be Played

I get asked this question quite often (since I love playing outdoors) so I figured I’d share a little knowledge.

First, read this pamphlet.  It’s a great little resource I came across on the web.  It gives good do’s and don’ts.  It’s written very simply, but that’s ok-the info is good.

Second, read this blog entry that I wrote about climbing into freezing water.  There are some tips in there and it largely corroborates the first pamphlet I asked you to read.

Third.  Remember to wear layers!  You’ll be moving around, generating heat and moisture (i.e. sweat).  It’s amazing how warm you can get.  You want to be able to take layers off to keep yourself comfortable.  This applies for hands as well!  If  you must wear hockey gloves, wear silk or polyester glove liners.

Fourth. Underwear.  Silk is excellent if you’re going to be in the cold long.  Otherwise, go with polyester. Try to stay away from cotton on any layer that’s in contact with skin.

Fifth.  Remember your face!  If there is any wind and the temps are in the teens, (more…)

Playing Well Enough For A Tie

January 14, 2009


Well, the Chicago Wolves, thanks to a shortie by Jordan LaVallee and some shootout sharpshooting, ended their 7 game losing streak.

While the power play was again pretty punchless, there were some signs of life as the general quality of passing was cleaner.  A couple of decent follow through checks were also nice to see tonight for a change.

It was clear that the Wolves were finally happy to get this losing monkey off their backs as goaltender Robert Gherson repeatedly pumped his fists at the end of the game and the players celebrated with a joviality worthy of clinching a playoff round.

Alas, this is only one win and not a very decisive one at that.  The Don Granato Watch is still in effect…

In other good news: The Blackhawks beat the Sabres 4-1; though they should be thankful for an inept Buffalo PP that couldn’t score on 8 straight minutes of PP.

Possible Locations for the Next Winter Classic

January 14, 2009

The NHL is looking at the possible locations for the next Winter Classic.

While they are not looking at NFL stadiums because of possible football conflicts (HA! The Bears in the playoffs???!! Palease!!!–ok–I guess they have to take that into account), but why use baseball stadiums?  It cheapens the game and the experience for the fans.  Sight lines in ball parks are meant for baseball, not for hockey.

Unless they go the clear boards route but then where will advertising go?
Clear Boards

Clear Boards