Are Don Granato’s Days Numbered as Coach of the Wolves?

As we were leaving the Chicago Wolves game tonight, a row of cars at a nearby Honda dealer were all blinking their headlights and windshield wipers were going-all the alarms had been set off.

Tonight I watched another alarm go off as the Wolves played another lackluster game in which they played, perhaps, only 20 minutes of a 60 minute game with passion and drive.   The result was  a 3-2 loss to the Peoria Rivermen.

This team has lost it’s punch.  It’s not playing with any passion.

No fighting.

No crushing checks.

No displays of broken sticks.

They are stoic and disciplined in their losing.  They are mirroring the stonefaced  steadiness of their coach, Don Granato.

Only Jordan LaVallee and  Steve Martins showed any sense of remorse tonight.

They’ve lost 6 in a row, 8 out of 9, and are firmly in 6th place only a game above .500.

Wolves’ management does not take lightly to not making the playoffs and while the season is only half over, a passionless slide into the cellar will not be tolerated.

The worst thing about this slide is that for 10 or 15 minutes of each game (usually the last 10 or 15) they play with desperation and show how they can really play.   This team shouldn’t be playing this poorly.

Something, or someone, needs to change…

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6 Comments on “Are Don Granato’s Days Numbered as Coach of the Wolves?”

  1. Simon Says:

    i fully agree, and for pretty much all the home games you can hear my wife and I yelling abuse at Dom and Jason for their basic inept play calling, at the beginning of the season, the wolves were playing alot like their previous season, okay they were rusty they had new players but there was SPUNK they did play like a playoff capable team, Novmber a glorious month, then it all started going pair shaped December was lackluster not even .500 and january is a joke so far… it looks liek the players have lost respect for their coaching team, they are playing like it is a job not a passion, it must really hurt for last years members who were on the high of a calder cup victory.

    i cannot blame the players entirely, the have proven they can do extraordinary things, yet most of the time they play like they just want to go home.. i have seen it before, and have felt it before in other sports, it’s when you are not happy.

    my daughter ( another season ticket holder) held up her whiteboard this last game towards thewolves bench ( we sit very close to them) the sign said Granato sucks! one of the players who will remain nameless saw it smiled and nodded trying not to be noticed too much, and i do not blame them.

    i honestly think granato and christie need to go back to school and learn some more, they do not seem to have the right idea when it comes to at least chicago wolves hockey.

    and if i see another empty net ( with resulting opposition goal) i think i will cry… it does not work, hell it doesn;t work when we have a 2 man advantage in a power play why would it work with the goal not protected at all?

    i am glad to see we are not the only Wolves fans who think the coaching is somewhat substandard this year, and if you are at a game, listen out you may well hear our heckling the coach!

    • betweenthepipes Says:

      Simon, thanks for commenting though I wish it was under better circumstances. As season tix holders myself, my wife and I are just crushed to see a capable team being crushed. There is a lack of chemistry that is blatantly apparent. It’s frustrating and worst of all, it’s a lousy product out there on the ice right now and that’s not good for the team or the organization.

  2. Deidre Rose Says:

    I sincerely hope that granato’s number is up. Every 3rd period for the last 10 games the fans already knew granatos next play call : empty net. You can hear some fans bold enough to yell about it. I even read on a dry erase board from a fan saying in huge letters “GRANATO SUCKS.” At yesterdays game.
    I think maybe the wolves need a coach that supports them, it’s like he doesn’t even care when he takes Gherson or Turple off though the empty net failures go on their stats.

    I sit right by the players and yesterday I saw Colin Stuart come in for a line change and he sure showed his water bottle who was boss, you could see the frustration, you could feel it.
    Don Granato himself in 1999 wrote a blog about how the teams performance reflects their coach. Perhaps he should go back and read his own words.
    I hate seeing Lavalle and Martins shaking their heads at the end of every period. As fans who know it’s not the team, but the coach, hate to see the players so down. We love our wolves they deserve a coach they can respect.
    Just look at how they played at the start of the season compared to now. I rest my case. I completely agree Granato should be gone.

    COME ON WENDELL YOUNG! TAKE THE TITLE! You would be an awesome coach.

    • betweenthepipes Says:

      Hi Deidre! Thanks for commenting.

      My season tix are higher up so we can’t see the faces of the players but their physical dispositions, the slumping shoulders say it all.

      Thanks for sharing about Granato’s blog-that’s brilliant and you’re right!

      I think Wendell would be great and he deserves a crack at it. Time will tell…

  3. Connie Says:

    Here I was thinking I was the only one wondering if Granato needs to be axed..
    There has been a complete turn around in the teams performance since November..
    I am also a season ticket holder..biting my knuckles every time he decides to screw his goalies by going empty net every chance he gets..
    I am frustrated ..and can see the players are too..
    If they do not do anything soon with Granato, when Don Waddell has his Q&A session in Feb you can bet I will be asking him WHY Granato is still the coach..
    I would LOVE for Wendell to get the nod..It is clear the players respect him.
    Glad you posted this..and hope you do not mind but we have added the link from your blog on our Facebook group.
    Once again..Thanks..and I agree with your words as well as the others..but I do know both of them in real life..would like to meet you as well..seeing as you are also a season ticket holder..and see that it’s not the players fault but the man calling the plays.Listen on Wed…you will hear my husband and myself yelling abuse at Don..
    We’re pretty loud.*L*

    • betweenthepipes Says:

      Hi Connie! Thanks for visiting and thanks for the link-I don’t mind it at all–you ROCK!

      Was talking with my younger brother tonight and he was saying how he didn’t think Granato was to blame, but when I pointed out that team dynamics IS the coach’s responsibility, that preparation and keeping the team focused so they don’t give up early goals or uber-late goals is the coach’s responsibility, that mixing things up and trying to create some energy IS the coach’s responsibility, he began to see my point.

      I am perplexed though. Granato’s record overall is not bad. However, if team dynamics are lost they’re lost and they may not be salvage-able.

      Would love to meet you as well. Depending on the level of blizzard on Wednesday, we may miss our first game of the year as we’re coming down from the Illinois/Wisconsin border.

      Regardless, I’ll be listening for you (and others who have posted.) I think if the team keeps with this slide, there will be more voices yelling as well. 😉

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