Playing Well Enough For A Tie


Well, the Chicago Wolves, thanks to a shortie by Jordan LaVallee and some shootout sharpshooting, ended their 7 game losing streak.

While the power play was again pretty punchless, there were some signs of life as the general quality of passing was cleaner.  A couple of decent follow through checks were also nice to see tonight for a change.

It was clear that the Wolves were finally happy to get this losing monkey off their backs as goaltender Robert Gherson repeatedly pumped his fists at the end of the game and the players celebrated with a joviality worthy of clinching a playoff round.

Alas, this is only one win and not a very decisive one at that.  The Don Granato Watch is still in effect…

In other good news: The Blackhawks beat the Sabres 4-1; though they should be thankful for an inept Buffalo PP that couldn’t score on 8 straight minutes of PP.

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2 Comments on “Playing Well Enough For A Tie”

  1. adam Says:

    The Sabres suck ass. Ever since Drury, Hasek left town they’re not fit to wipe my sweat…

    The Hawks on the other hand pose a serious threat to the West this year. My Ducks should have had 4th sewn up, but apparently Pronger has decided to play like a pussy and Getzlaf is affraid to shoot the puck on net, so we;re sitting in eighth.

    If the ducks fail to make any headway into the playoffs, I’m rooting for the Hawks to smack the shite out of those pesky Sharks

    • betweenthepipes Says:

      I can’t believe the Sabres. I used to like them too once upon a time even while loving the Blackhawks. I am shocked by the Ducks quite frankly, they should be kickin’ arse and they’re not even close to doing that! Pronger is a non-entity out there.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence in the Hawks if the Ducks don’t rally. The Hawks are playing surprisingly well this year. It’s so great to see after the agony we’ve had for years. They still need some scoring up front-a real scorer. Havlat is stepping up but they need someone who is consistent day in and day out.

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