Next Year, FINLAND! And Bob Probert Heritage Night??!


The Chicago Blackhawks are going to open the 09-10 season in Finland playing the Florida Panthers for two games.

That’s kinda cool!

In the meantime, they play the Panthers tonite. Meanwhile they (the Hawks) keep rolling along.  They’re finding ways to win games but they still need to find more consistent goal scoring.  When they score they score, when they don’t…

…they don’t…

What’s with Bob Probert heritage night?  That is an experiment gone wrong if ever I’ve seen one.  Let’s see, let’s sign a guy who keeps falling off the wagon, isn’t a good fighter anymore because he’s trying to go straight, then falls off the wagon again, but still doesn’t really contribute anything of note to the team.

Total PR and kind of a non-issue if you ask me.  Why Probert?  Why not Terry Ruskowski or Tom Lysiak?  From the Daily Herald, here’s another blog on this topic.

Bob Probert Heritage Night?
Bob Probert Heritage Night?


I’m waiting for:
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4 Comments on “Next Year, FINLAND! And Bob Probert Heritage Night??!”

  1. Danny Says:

    I check the schedule every day to make sure I won’t miss Sergei Krivokrasov or Steve Dubinsky heritage night.

  2. […] Preview: Chicago Blackhawks at Nashville Predators (8 p.m. EST; TV: CSNC). The Blackhawks are 6-1-2 in their last nine visits to Nashville. Interesting take on former Hawk Bob Probert over on Third Man In, in regards to his "Heritage Night" over the weekend. […]

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