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A Winning Work Ethic? It’s Not What I see, Coach Granato.

March 31, 2009

Ok, at first I was going to do a video rant about last nite and ask twitterville to make it viral, but I decided against it.  So,  I waited 24 hours after the debacle so that I could cool down and not say something I’d be sorry for.

I wouldn’t be so ticked about the loss to Milwaukee (Ok, maybe I would be) if I didn’t read the article entitled “Work Ethic” in the new, Breakaway magazine (which is a great idea and looks great!).

You see, the article is about Head Coach, Don Granato and discusses his philosophy.

“My coaching philosophy is simple: it is based solely on work ethic, and this team has proven day in and day out that the philosophy works.”

Ooookay, now it’s clear someone doesn’t see what I (and others!) see. 

This Wolves team is only three games above .500 and 3 points out of the final playoff spot, tied for 5th place with Iowa only 2 points ahead of Quad Cities.  In the worst case, but still realistic scenario, the Wolves could finish in 7th(!!!) place.  

Is this indicative of a work ethic that is good? 

If so, your standards are waay too low, Coach.

Call us Wolves fans spoiled, but I see (more…)

Chicago Hockey Playoffs Approaching – One Message: WIN!

March 28, 2009
The Last Cups

The Last Time

Here in Chicago we’re approaching the end of the regular season and that means the playoffs!

By this time, the Blackhawks are usually already out of playoff contentions and the Wolves are rolling towards another successful Cup run.

Instead, the Blackhawks are fighting for Home Ice Advantage and the Wolves are fighting for the last playoff spot.

After a lull, the Blackhawks are showing signs of life again, knocking off two of the better teams in post-regulation play.  I still am not high on their chances to get past the second round, but at least they’re going to be there, which unfortunately I’m not sure I can say about…

the Wolves….

I’m shocked I’m actually saying it.

The Wolves might not make the playoffs.

In fact, if they don’t put a string of wins together starting tonight against Quad City and tomorrow against Milwaukee, their chances do not look good.

Some latest front office moves are baffling to say the least.  They sign Justin Taylor on the 25th and today they release him (probably to make room for Josh Soares).  Then they bring up Dan Turple so that Atlanta can call him up?? 

The Wolves wouldn’t be in this mess if they didn’t swoon so much mid-season, a swoon that I still believe is largely the responsibility of Head Coach Don Granato.  This team has no trouble slipping into funks but alot of difficulty building and keeping winning streaks going.  

That’s bad.

The fact that the team shows glimmers of great play and then collapses is indicative of coaching  (primarily) and personnel problems (secondarily). 

What else can be said?

This is the time of the year when, more than ever, it’s about winning.

It’s simple really…

Martin Brodeur Sets Record For Wins

March 17, 2009
Brodeur Passes Roy (michaelplishka2009)

Brodeur Passes Roy (michaelplishka2009)

Congrats Martin! With your win today you passed Patrick Roy in wins.  

Keep rockin’ goalie brother!

Blackhawks Trade Leaves Me Underwhelmed

March 5, 2009
Pahlsson Trade Isn't What Hawks Needed

Pahlsson Trade Isn't What Hawks Needed (pic courtesy of

I can’t believe people think this move will put the Hawks in a run for the Cup.   Please! If I’m wrong I’ll admit it in June, but I think others, and myself, will be proven right by May.The Blackhawks need goal scoring. The problem is consistency and having people that are goal scoring machines. The Hawks don’t have that. They’ll be lucky to have a 40 goal scorer or an 80 point guy-heck even a 70 point guy.

The Hawks have problems scoring when they get into game situations like the playoffs breed. The young playmakers on the Hawks still don’t have enough to break open games on a regular basis.

I’d be the first to admit that great team chemistry and spirit can win anything in hockey-think the Miracle on Ice.

But I don’t think this team will be able to get past the second round with the roster they have. They need some serious goal scoring, a REAL first line goal scorer. This trade didn’t get them there.

If the even get to the finals this year-indeed, it will be a miracle.