One Down, Fifteen to Go

Havlat Wins it in OT! (NHL Network)

Havlat Wins it in OT! (NHL Network)

I jumped out of the car as I had returned from the pharmacy.

Just in time to catch the OT…

It wasn’t!

By the time I walked in and turned the TV on, Marty Havlat had scored the winning goal at the 00:12 mark, giving the Hawks a 1-0 series lead over the Calgary Flames.

Great game and the Hawks battled the entire way which was a good sign.  However,  for a the Flames (a team the Hawks dominated in the regular season) to challenge the Hawks as they did makes one realize the caliber of playoff hockey.

While I don’t think Calgary will win this series, I think that it will be a tough go for the Hawks and an indication that the next round will not be pretty.

As I’ve said all along, I don’t think the Hawks will survive the second round.

The good news is they are getting some great, intense playoff experience – this young team needs it sorely.  It’s no coincidence that Havlat stepped up scoring today.

Go Hawks!

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2 Comments on “One Down, Fifteen to Go”

  1. Jake Says:

    I was watching the game last night, and right before the OT period started, one of the guys on VS mentioned that Marty Havlat was the only player on either team to have ever score an OT goal in the playoffs. As the puck dropped, I was thinking to myself, “Who cares about obscure stats like this, it’s not going to make a difference.” Seconds later I was biting my tongue. Go figure.

    The Hawks definitely showed the tenacity to take this series, and I’m pulling for them…mostly because I really like Joel Quenneville, and never liked the circumstances around his departure from the Avs. Well, Colorado is paying the price now, and perhaps realizing that Giguere was in the wrong when it came to the players that Coach Q was more familiar with. Good luck to the Hawks!!

    • betweenthepipes Says:

      Thanks for the well wishes!

      Coach Q has done wonders with this team and he definitely has been getting the most out of his players. I’d still like a “go to” goal scorer on the first line but for the first time in years we’re IN the playoffs, so I won’t complain. 😉

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