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Kane Agrees to Plea Deal

August 27, 2009


Well, as expected, Kane pleaded guilty to lesser charges and as a result has to issue a written apology to the cab driver and stay out of legal trouble for a year.

What this essentially says is that the evidence against Kane was strong enough that he most likely would have been convicted of more serious charges had this gone to court.  In other words, odds are him and his cousin beat the cabbie up over twenty cents.  I still can’t believe a person can be that shallow.

Speaking of shallow, his apologies, though I realize they’re crafted in legal-eze,  for “causing pain” to everyone and for being in a “regrettable situation“, don’t really get to the core of what happened and instead perpetuate the perception that he really didn’t do anything wrong,  he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and the fact that people are emotionally hurt and scarred by this, to the extent that it was due to his being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he’s sorry for that. 

Dude, step up and apologize publicly to the cabbie for beating him up.  If not that, go face to face with the dude and be a man.

It will be interesting to see how he’s treated by the fans when the season starts.

Patrick Kane – Fact and Spin

August 11, 2009


Patrick Kane Arrested – How Much Did Management Contribute?

August 10, 2009
Is 20 Cents Worth it? Is 15 Dollars Worth it?

Is 20 Cents Worth it? Is 15 Dollars Worth it?

Unfortunately the sports world is filled with people who give a pretty good impression to most of the world and then come home and beat their wives….or cab drivers.

Kaner looks like a good kid.  When he talks he doesn’t give the impression of being a scholar but that’s okay – intelligence doesn’t necessarily correlate with peaceful behavior.

Right now we assume he’s innocent until proven guilty.  The cab driver doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed either but he does have marks around the face and neck that are consistent with his story.

Regardless,  things like this don’t happen with ‘character’ players.

We can make excuses and say “boys will be boys” but that’s what they are: excuses.

If Kaner  really did say something like, “Do you know who I am?” then this sounds a lot more like a kid where fame has gone to his head, where the accolades of an adoring crowd and management has fueled a mentality that he is entitled to something more.  That the Blackhawks came out and said they, “stand behind him” (without putting anything up about this incident on their website!) corroborates this but what else could they say?  They’ve contributed to this problem by putting out a team with no veteran, seasoned leaders who can help young players adjust and grow when subjected to new found fame and fortune.

Being on a professional team is about more than playing a season – it should also be about growing as human being and being more than just a cog in wheel.  It should be about showing people athletic prowess is just one facet of being human. 

This whole situation d0es not smack of maturity or growth over the past year.   One has to wonder if this would have happened if the Hawks spent more time molding their kids as opposed to feeding them the line “they’ve already arrived.”

Well folks, they’ve arrived and the fare is more than $13.80.

Pay up.

Say it ain’t so!!

August 3, 2009
"Chevy" Addressing a Fan's Concern of Team Inconsistency

"Chevy" During a town hall meeting

Just received the following information:


The Chicago Wolves longtime general manager, KEVIN CHEVELDAYOFF, has been

named Assistant General Manager of the National Hockey League’s Chicago

Blackhawks. This marks CHEVELDAYOFF’s first NHL position.

CHEVELDAYOFF’s 12-year tenure with the Wolves saw the club net four league

titles – the 1998 and 2000 Turner Cup championships and 2002 and 2008

Calder Cup championships – and compile a .616 regular-season winning

percentage (544-320-24-31-49).

He guided the Wolves to back-to-back International Hockey League Midwest

Division championships in 1997-98 and 1998-99; the American Hockey League

West Division titles in 2004-05 and 2007-08; the club’s first IHL

Regular-Season championship in 1999-2000 and five Western Conference

championships in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2008.

“I am very proud of Chevy and everything that he has accomplished with the

Wolves in these last 12 years,” said Wolves Chairman of the Board DON

LEVIN. “This is akin to me having a son going off to college. He has been

a fantastic asset and a great general manager for our organization. I am

very proud of him and he certainly deserves this opportunity. I know this

is the next step towards his goal of becoming an NHL general manager.”

In the last 14 years, the 39-year-old CHEVELDAYOFF has earned two AHL and

four IHL championships as a coach and an executive. Eight of the 14 teams

he has helped build have cracked the 100-point mark in the regular season,

which includes six Chicago squads.

“I will always be grateful for my time working with the Chicago Wolves, and

would especially like to thank Don Levin and Buddy Meyers,” CHEVELDAYOFF

said. “The memories and friendships that I have gained over the last 12

years will stay near to my heart always. The Wolves have been more than

just a hockey team that I have worked for, they have been like my family. I

know that the tradition and the commitment to excellence that begins at the

top will continue to guide this organization as it moves forward. I am

excited about the opportunity to move from one successful organization to


The Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, native, joined the Wolves before the start

of the 1997-98 season after serving as the assistant vice president of

hockey operations and assistant coach for the 1995 Denver Grizzlies and

1996 Utah Grizzlies – both Turner Cup Champions.

Thanks for everything Chevy and all the best!!!

Some Off-Season Thoughts

August 3, 2009

It’s the middle of a cooler than normal summer and I’m thinking hockey amidst other things.

1. Glad Dale Tallon is gone .  His ineptitude became even more obvious with the signing of Hossa. It looked like a great move until it came out that he requires surgery and will miss the first third of the season.  Thanks Dale….

2. Chicago Wolves and Atlanta have a glut of  goaltending; this should tighten up the nets for the Wolves this year and bring consistency – something that was absent last year.

3. I was at Mark Buehrle’s perfect game.  Check out the last out and some pics.

4. When will the White Sox mentally toughen up and stop being such pansies about playing in Minnesota!?! The Twins are 31-23 at home.  If the Sox played only .500 in Minnesota that would make the Twins less than a .500 club at home.  One team, the Sox, makes the Twins look like a home powerhouse.