Patrick Kane Arrested – How Much Did Management Contribute?

Is 20 Cents Worth it? Is 15 Dollars Worth it?

Is 20 Cents Worth it? Is 15 Dollars Worth it?

Unfortunately the sports world is filled with people who give a pretty good impression to most of the world and then come home and beat their wives….or cab drivers.

Kaner looks like a good kid.  When he talks he doesn’t give the impression of being a scholar but that’s okay – intelligence doesn’t necessarily correlate with peaceful behavior.

Right now we assume he’s innocent until proven guilty.  The cab driver doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed either but he does have marks around the face and neck that are consistent with his story.

Regardless,  things like this don’t happen with ‘character’ players.

We can make excuses and say “boys will be boys” but that’s what they are: excuses.

If Kaner  really did say something like, “Do you know who I am?” then this sounds a lot more like a kid where fame has gone to his head, where the accolades of an adoring crowd and management has fueled a mentality that he is entitled to something more.  That the Blackhawks came out and said they, “stand behind him” (without putting anything up about this incident on their website!) corroborates this but what else could they say?  They’ve contributed to this problem by putting out a team with no veteran, seasoned leaders who can help young players adjust and grow when subjected to new found fame and fortune.

Being on a professional team is about more than playing a season – it should also be about growing as human being and being more than just a cog in wheel.  It should be about showing people athletic prowess is just one facet of being human. 

This whole situation d0es not smack of maturity or growth over the past year.   One has to wonder if this would have happened if the Hawks spent more time molding their kids as opposed to feeding them the line “they’ve already arrived.”

Well folks, they’ve arrived and the fare is more than $13.80.

Pay up.

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