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Do Patrick Kane and Leif Garrett Look Alike? and Other Random Thoughts

December 29, 2009

What do you think?

I now figured out what drives me nuts about Patrick Kane.  He looks like Leif Garrett.

What do you think?

On other notes, what is it with the NHL having the Winter Classic in Fenway Park and why don’t fans complain about this blatant lack of concern for their comfort or their pocket books?  Just like in Wrigley Field, the fans will be nowhere near the ice and in fact will be even further away because of the Green Monster in left field.  I’m sure Boston College has an outdoor stadium, or  MIT perhaps?



Some Off-Season Thoughts

August 3, 2009

It’s the middle of a cooler than normal summer and I’m thinking hockey amidst other things.

1. Glad Dale Tallon is gone .  His ineptitude became even more obvious with the signing of Hossa. It looked like a great move until it came out that he requires surgery and will miss the first third of the season.  Thanks Dale….

2. Chicago Wolves and Atlanta have a glut of  goaltending; this should tighten up the nets for the Wolves this year and bring consistency – something that was absent last year.

3. I was at Mark Buehrle’s perfect game.  Check out the last out and some pics.

4. When will the White Sox mentally toughen up and stop being such pansies about playing in Minnesota!?! The Twins are 31-23 at home.  If the Sox played only .500 in Minnesota that would make the Twins less than a .500 club at home.  One team, the Sox, makes the Twins look like a home powerhouse.