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Do Patrick Kane and Leif Garrett Look Alike? and Other Random Thoughts

December 29, 2009

What do you think?

I now figured out what drives me nuts about Patrick Kane.  He looks like Leif Garrett.

What do you think?

On other notes, what is it with the NHL having the Winter Classic in Fenway Park and why don’t fans complain about this blatant lack of concern for their comfort or their pocket books?  Just like in Wrigley Field, the fans will be nowhere near the ice and in fact will be even further away because of the Green Monster in left field.  I’m sure Boston College has an outdoor stadium, or  MIT perhaps?


How to Dress For Outdoor Hockey

January 15, 2009


This is the Way Hockey Was Meant to be Played

This is the Way Hockey Was Meant to be Played

I get asked this question quite often (since I love playing outdoors) so I figured I’d share a little knowledge.

First, read this pamphlet.  It’s a great little resource I came across on the web.  It gives good do’s and don’ts.  It’s written very simply, but that’s ok-the info is good.

Second, read this blog entry that I wrote about climbing into freezing water.  There are some tips in there and it largely corroborates the first pamphlet I asked you to read.

Third.  Remember to wear layers!  You’ll be moving around, generating heat and moisture (i.e. sweat).  It’s amazing how warm you can get.  You want to be able to take layers off to keep yourself comfortable.  This applies for hands as well!  If  you must wear hockey gloves, wear silk or polyester glove liners.

Fourth. Underwear.  Silk is excellent if you’re going to be in the cold long.  Otherwise, go with polyester. Try to stay away from cotton on any layer that’s in contact with skin.

Fifth.  Remember your face!  If there is any wind and the temps are in the teens, (more…)

Possible Locations for the Next Winter Classic

January 14, 2009

The NHL is looking at the possible locations for the next Winter Classic.

While they are not looking at NFL stadiums because of possible football conflicts (HA! The Bears in the playoffs???!! Palease!!!–ok–I guess they have to take that into account), but why use baseball stadiums?  It cheapens the game and the experience for the fans.  Sight lines in ball parks are meant for baseball, not for hockey.

Unless they go the clear boards route but then where will advertising go?
Clear Boards

Clear Boards

Why Weren’t Winter Classic Officials Dressed in “Throw-Back” Style Uniforms?

January 2, 2009
This would have been more apropos for the Winter Classic (courtesy of

This would have been more apropos for the Winter Classic (courtesy of

The 2008-2009 Winter Classic has been played.  The Blackhawks were beat by the Red Wings 6-4.

It was a cool walk down memory lane, giving people a glimpse of how hockey, at its heart, is an outdoor sport. 

It was cool seeing the old time jerseys.

What was uncool (ignoring the obviously poor sight lines), was that referees were dressed in modern garb.  Here was  a trip down memory lane, played in a nostalgic field, and the coolness quotient was marred by the failure to dress the referees appropriately.

With all that went into the game, you’d think something this obvious wouldn’t be missed- but it was.

Or maybe the Hockey Official’s Union has something against wearing ties on the ice?

Hockey Players Not Sure What to Wear for Outdoor Hockey?!?

December 31, 2008
Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Yes, the Winter Classic is tomorrow.  I’ll be attending a “winter-classic” bash by my brother’s.  There’s something cool and almost sacred about playing hockey outdoors-I mean, that’s where it all started, right?

Which is perhaps why I’m upset and alittle bewildered by the following statement by Brian Campbell of the Blackhawks appearing here:

“The guys are asking what they should wear and I told them I didn’t wear anything different from what I normally wear and I was fine.  Mostly, it’s a wait-and-see situation. When the snow starts landing on your visor, you adapt and move on.”

So there are guys that don’t know what to wear when they play hockey outside?!?

Didn’t they play hockey outside as kids?  Don’t they play with their kids outside?

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, after all, indoor rinks and leagues are everywhere.

Call me a purist, but all hockey players should be required to skate on a lake or pond at least once a year…

…to remember their roots…

NOTE: The header for this blog is me on a frozen lake, so I, um, know what to wear when playing hockey outside.

Why Wrigley? – Seating For “Winter Classic 2009”

December 12, 2008
Layout for the Winter Classic (Courtesy of

Layout for the Winter Classic (Courtesy of

 The Blackhawks have released some more info on their WinterClassic.  I don’t know about you but I’m a wee bit underwhelmed.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a cool idea and one long overdue.  I love the idea of pros playing hockey outside.  It’s how most of us first played ice hockey – outside (Personally, I relish the opportunities I can play outside in the winter.)  But, I think the Blackhawks’ own headline says it all:

Wrigley Has AUnique Feel For Classic.

That is marketing talk for, “This is really cool and really expensive for the fans but the sight lines are going to stink!”

For tix that are $75, $225 and $325 this game should be deciding who gets the Stanley Cup, not who can keep their binoculars from freezing while players keep their A%%es from freezing.