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8 to Go

May 11, 2009


I was wrong.  Hawks won.  They keep finding ways of pulling it out.  They keep making sloppy plays in their own end, they keep falling behind, yet they come from behind, score goals in frenzied bunches and win.

Vancouver lost today because the Hawks had them where they wanted them.  After the first two games, Vancouver tried different game plans and never found their groove.

After the game 5 win, Vancouver panicked and totally left their game plan.  The result was a disastrous 7-5 loss.

So what does it mean for the Hawks?

Vancouver was tougher than Calgary and the next round tougher still, but the teams that the Hawks will face prior to the finals have not played the greatest against the Hawks in regular season.

Does this mean I’m predicting the Hawks to win it all now?

The stars are aligning, some big teams have gotten bumped already and it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas for this year’s Hawks.

So…will they win it all?

I’ll wait to see who they play next round before predicitng, but as I said at the start of this entry, I don’t think you can come from behind forever, and make bad defensive plays forever and win the Cup.

I’d love to see it and as these playoffs are going, they now have a shot.  But I think it’ll go wide.

I’m hoping for a tip-in in overtime.

Let’s go Hawks!!

Bring on Vancouver!

April 28, 2009


Well, the Hawks made it past Calgary in my predicted 6 games by capitalizing on Calgary mistakes and not making too many of their own.

Now, it’s Vancouver.  A team that the Hawks had trouble with all year; a team I was hoping they wouldn’t play first round because they’d get bumped before they could get experience.

As I’ve said before, the second round will be the Hawks’ end of the line.  I’d love it if it wouldn’t be, but I don’t think the Hawks have the ability to beat the Canucks.

Now, it IS playoffs, and anything can happen, but Calgary was tougher than alot of people imagined; Vancouver will be tougher.

The Hawks will get some great experience in this round, but veteran leadership and a better team will prevail. Vancouver in 5.  (It is possible the series could go 6, but I’ll stick with 5.) A great assessment of the series here.