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Hockey is Underway! (Drew MacIntyre – Get a New Mask, bro…)

October 3, 2009

Hockey is officially underway.  The Blackhawks came away with three of four points against the Panthers.  They looked good in the second game and they capitalized on Florida’s flatness.  The first game the Hawks had a tougher time putting the Panthers away and it cost them a point.  It looked  a lot like last year in some ways, but the season is too young to jump to any conclusions.

The Wolves also started out with a loss tonight against the Milwaukee Admirals.  Great crowd of over 10,000 but the Wolves fell flat for a period and it cost them the game.  What bothered me about the game though was not so much the play  of any particular players but Wolves goalie Drew MacIntyre’s, Milwaukee Admirals mask.

mask2 michaelplishka2009mask1 michaelplishka 2009

Drew,  I know you’re playing against your former team but that’s even more a reason to get your new mask done before you play them.   Also, I know goalies like their equipment but while you’re at it, could you ditch those blue pants and get some black ones?

Wolves fans everywhere thank you.

My Goalie Masks Through The Years

February 4, 2009

As promised, here is a summary pic of my masks through the years. 

masks1This is a reproduction of my first mask.  A paper plate.  (more…)

The Artist Behind The Masks

January 22, 2009

Through the wonders of Twitter I met David Hutchison, the starter of In Goal Magazine, an on-line hockey journal. Please check it out- great stuff there.

He’s got a podcast interview with Todd Miska, the designer of many a goalie mask.  It’s also an insightful interview and worth a listen.

My DIY decorated mask? I’ll share that pic sometime soon-stay tuned 🙂